Exemption Criteria

Exemption Criteria

Students who meet one of the following criteria are exempt from taking an M.A English course

a. Students who have scored an “exemption” (Ptor) on the Bar Ilan EFL unit MA placement test.

b. Students holding a  degree from a higher education institution in an English-speaking country, not an extension (שלוחה) of an international program in Israel or a distance / on-line program

c. Students whose academic departments do not require English as a Foreign language.

Students who have taken a test in their academic departments and were granted an exemption by the head of their M.A program.

Such exemptions are the responsibility of the academic department. The exemptions will be forwarded by the academic department to the M.A committee as they require the approval of the Dean of the School of Advanced Studies.

d. A student in a  non-thesis-track who has scored 134 and above on the psychometric exam “Amir” or “Amiram” in the last 10 years. An “Amir” / “Amiram” test grants a Ptor for those who scored 134 and above; yet it does not determine the level of M.A English course the student is required to take.  Students who have not received a Ptor-level grade in these tests are required to take the M.A placement exam to get their M.A course level.

e. Students who have taken the GMAT and scored 5-6 on the writing section will get a Ptor. The following scores on the writing section of the exam correspond to the following course levels: A score of 4 – M2; a score of 3 – M4; a score of 0-2 – M.

f. Students who have taken the GRE and scored 3.5-6 will get a Ptor. The following scores of the exam correspond to the following course levels: A score of 3.5-6 – M2; a score of 2.5-3 – M4; a score of 0.5-1 – M.

g. Students who have scored 8-9 on the academic IELTS. Other scores are to be sent to the English as a Foreign Language Unit for level determination.



A student in a thesis-track who does not meet the criteria specified in items a, b, c, and d is required to take the English MA placement exam.

Students who meet criteria in items b, d, e, f, and g are required to contact the English as a Foreign Language Unit via email or fax 077-3643685.

Students who are required to take an M.A English course based on their performance on the English placement exam, are encouraged to complete the course during the first year of their M.A studies