About the EFL Unit

English as a Foreign Language Unit – Your Key to the Academic World 

English studies are an important tool for your future.

While it is mandatory for every student to study English as a foreign language and acquire proficiency in English during their academic studies, this obligation should be seen as a privilege. English is essential in all areas of life, and a high command of English is a prerequisite for integration into the labor market, and especially in the academic world.  

The professional, dedicated, and attentive faculty of the unit will build upon the foundation you have acquired in English prior to your arrival on campus. They will equip you with the skills needed to approach the abundance of information available today in English, particularly academic information, articles and lectures; they will enable you to communicate professionally with colleagues and academic institutions abroad, providing you with the key that opens the door to the academic world, literally and figuratively.

Committed to Teaching English to All

The English courses at the undergraduate level are in line with the requirements of the Council for Higher Education and the European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for English language learning. They focus on all four linguistic skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening comprehension, with an emphasis on academic English. The English courses for master's and doctoral studies develop and improve academic writing and speaking skills, and enable you to publish articles in journals and present ideas and research at international conferences.

The English as a Foreign Language Unit at Bar-Ilan University is committed to providing all students, in all academic degrees and all study fields, with the English language skills they need to succeed in their academic journey. This commitment also includes students who face unique challenges, as the unit offers courses adapted to hearing impairments, reinforcement classes at the Reading and Writing Center, and support for learning disabilities in collaboration with the Hadad Center.

Professionalism, Excellence, and Personal Attention

Students from all faculties and departments attend our unit, creating a diverse community that studies together in a positive atmosphere and mutual enrichment.

Our unit has won the Vice-Rector's Award for Excellence in Teaching, based on student teaching surveys. Among other things, we hear from our students how their confidence has grown thanks to the continuous and ongoing practice of English and thanks to the expressive abilities they are forming for themselves.

We wish you a pleasant learning experience in the English as a Foreign Language Unit, one that will have a positive impact on your future. We invite you to contact us with any questions via our contact page or during our Open Door Zoom session.