The M.A Placement Exam

Each academic department sets its own English as a Foreign Language requirements for its students. Before registering for the M.A. English placement exam, please check whether your department/M.A program requires that students satisfy an English as a Foreign Language requirement.

Students who have not yet received an acceptance letter for the M.A program they applied for can register to take the placement test at their own risk.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Active M.A students
  2. Applicants who have received a letter confirming that their application has been received and processed by the admissions office

Students who have registered and paid, yet failed to satisfy one of the abovementioned conditions, will not be reimbursed under any circumstances and the payment will not be transferred to another exam date.

A student is entitled to take the exam once in a 3-year period. Registering and paying for the exam is considered as exercising the right to be tested, even if you did not take the exam.

In highly exceptional cases (serious illness, hospitalizations, high-risk pregnancy, birth, "Decree 8" (צו 8), transferring the payment to another exam date will be considered, pending review of relevant documents which students must submit to the EFL unit:



Exam dates

Exam date


Registration opening

Registration deadline














Registration and payment


  1. Students can register for taking the placement exam via the In-bar: using their I.D. number and password (for technical support, please contact The Service and Recruitment Center (“Mador Shema”) at *9392. Please go to: לפניות מנהליות > הגשת בקשה > קטגוריה: מבחני מיון באנגלית > מבחן מיון לתואר שני


New candidates: please change the year of study to the current year (upper-right corner).

If you register for the exam on your mobile phone, please rotate your screen, so you can view the complete menu.


Candidates who are currently in a gap year are required to pay the study renewal down payment for the next academic year before registering to take the M.A placement exam. Students who fail to pay the study renewal down payment will not be able to successfully complete their registration for the placement exam.


  1. Use the payment voucher included in the information kit distributed by The Service and Recruitment Center (“Mador Shema”). The paid voucher can be hand-delivered to the English as a Foreign Language Unit during office hours only (Sunday – Thursday 09:00-14:00). Outside office hours, paid vouchers can be left in the English as a Foreign Language Unit mailbox in Building 1004 (Kort) – ground floor, next to room 04.


  1. Fax the paid voucher to 077-3643685


  1. Scan the paid voucher and email to


A student who has not registered and paid or has not submitted the paid voucher to the English as a Foreign Language Unit by the specified deadline, will not be eligible to take the exam nor receive  a refund.