Levels of Study



The level cater to the needs of those students whose active vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical concepts in English are very limited. Students learn the structure of the English sentence and the contribution that grammatical forms and lexical items make to the meaning of the sentence. The course emphasizes mastery of language skills to prepare the students for the successful implementation of reading skills.

TROM BESISI B (80 hours)


BESISI course

It serves as a transition between the lower and the advanced level courses. 
Upon completion of the basic level course, the student should be able to read and comprehend English texts of general interest at a pre-academic level. Students are trained in the skills and strategies of global and close reading of texts.

BESISI (80 hours)



These courses focus on improving reading fluency and comprehension of academic texts. Students practice their reading skills and are trained in the use of higher-level cognitive strategies. The final goal is the integration of language skills and reading skills for optimal reading comprehension.

MITKADMIM A (54 hours)

MITKADMIM B (54 hours)